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This video shows the power and effectiveness of a basic front kick…

Kathy Long is a mixed martial arts fighter and five time world kick boxing champion. In this video, she demonstrates how to respond if someone grabs your arm from behind.

It shows great use of the palm heel strike (the easiest and safest strike for beginners to learn) and illustrates how responding deliberately within the first moments of an attack can help save your life.

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Survival Pack is now available on Google Play. This innovative app allows you to store up to four telephone numbers of you close friends and family, and will notify them of your dangerous situation and exact location at the touch of a button.

Affordably priced, the one time charge allows you access to all of the video library and informational content on the site, plus you’ll have the “Code Red” option any time you need it.

If you live in a city that offers 911 text, simply add it as one of your reinforcement numbers. It’s that easy!

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