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Millions of people use smartphones to take advantage of the numerous apps in the market. Indeed, it has become routine to use mobile devices to perform a variety of personal and professional tasks today.

However, Survival Pack was developed to help equip you with actionable self-defense techniques, and deliver a functional way to contact help in the event of an emergency, life-threatening situation.  It’s innovative “Code Red” feature allows users to instantly contact friends, family, or law enforcement agencies with the touch of a button.

And while “Code Red” is extremely beneficial for college students and young adults, it’s actually designed to improve the safety and protection of anyone. No matter who you are, where you work, or where you live, Survival Pack is able to strengthen your personal defense methods.

Survive Feature

The Survive feature offers access to effective self-defense content and videos that help you become more aware of your surroundings, and demonstrates how to react in various dangerous situations. With this self-defense knowledge, you can feel more empowered in everyday situations, and the knowledge can help you prepare, in case of a violent attack or sexual assault.

Code Red Feature

The Survival Pack app includes the “Code Red” feature, which gives you the power to call for help with the push of a button. In an emergency situation, this feature can be used to send an alert to your pre-chosen contacts every 60 seconds. When location is enabled on your device, real time GPS tracking is included.

Who Should Use Survival Pack?


  • Night-shift Employees
  • Restaurant managers and servers who carry large amounts of cash
  • Off-duty law enforcement officers
  • Dads and Moms, Grandparents… the list is endless!

Indeed, anyone who would like to add an extra layer of defense to their life.

Additional insights and lessons that explain how to identify criminal body language or general abusive behaviors are also included. With this beneficial knowledge, you can recognize some aspects of the psychology of violence and become more aware of your immediate environment.

The need for finding smart, effective ways to protect yourself is increasing. Meet that challenge by  adding the Survival Pack app to your mobile device today.

Going to college is an exciting time. New people, places, and responsibilities combine to create an almost unreal, but totally thrilling experience. And, in the midst of moving into your dorm, making sure that you’ve registered correctly, and doing the bazillion other tasks that adjusting to campus life entails, you are learning more than simple academics; you’re learning self-reliance.

And although it’s rarely thought of, one of the responsibilities college students face is personal safety. Your parents and loved ones not only expect you to perform well in your studies, but to use basic, common sense, safety strategies on campus. Since much of your time will be spent walking, being aware of your surroundings and any possible danger is crucial.

Real Reasons

Campus crime isn’t something many recruiters like to discuss. But, nevertheless, it is a serious concern; Even more so, because often the victim doesn’t report the assault. Check out the statistics garnered by College Parents of America:

  • Nearly 6 percent of female college students report a rape or attempted rape.
  • Thirteen percent of female students report being stalked.
  • Just 25 percent of all crimes on campuses were reported to a law enforcement authority of any kind.

Read the full article here.

In addition, both the Washington Post and Time Magazine last summer reported on the surge in sexual assault on college campuses throughout the U.S.—A rise of almost 50 percent in some cases.

Therefore, college students need actionable solutions that help prevent becoming the victim of a violent crime.

Never Walk Alone

Survival Pack for your android phone is an easy way to enhance your safety on your college campus. When walking late at night, or anytime you get that uneasy feeling, Survival Pack provides you with a stress-free way to contact help if you encounter a dangerous situation. And because you can enhance it with your phone’s location, your contacts can be notified exactly where you are on campus.

It also offers a variety of easy to learn, and use, self-defense techniques that can help you stay safe. Because becoming aware of your surroundings and being able to recognize a threat can do a lot, the app includes access to common sense strategies that any student can employ on a daily basis.

Inexpensive and Easy to Use

For a one-time charge, you can increase your confidence and know that you have a tool that will help provide assistance in case you ever need it on campus. Download Survival Pack today, before you head off to college this fall. Your parents, friends and loved ones will feel better about your safety, and your ability to protect yourself on your own when you show them this innovative app.

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Quickly view some of the features standard on Survival Pack, an effective new bodyguard app.

In this three part series, we’ll identify some of the different groups who can really benefit from the “Code Red” feature available on the Survival Pack app. The first part examines how law enforcement officers can enhance their family’s safety while on and off-duty.


As an officer of the law, your job requires you to constantly place yourself in dangerous situations. It is a regrettable fact that every day police officers are injured in the line of duty.

Being dedicated to the safety of others means that you are ready to serve and protect strangers—an extremely noble calling. The job also ensures that you have the communication tools on-hand to call for back up and assistance when you need it.

But, what about your family members? And, what about when you’re off-duty?

Those communication resources aren’t available to your loved ones while running errands at the mall, nor do you have instant access to your fellow officers who are on duty. And although everyone carries their phone, almost everywhere, it’s not always easy to call help directly.

Adding Security

Survival Pack changes that dynamic. With a one-time cost (less than a dollar), you can add a little more security to your daily life.

This app allows you to install up to six phone numbers on your specific reinforcements list, or if you live in an area that has 911 text service, you can also insert that emergency number. So, when you are off duty or your loved ones are out, Survival Pack can be ready to notify your on-duty colleagues.


Think about it. An instant way to contact your fellow officers at the touch of a button. The texts contain a request for help and the location of your phone. Every 60 seconds a new text is sent to every emergency contact on your list with your phone’s updated location.

Other Features

In addition to the “Code Red” feature, Survival Pack includes frequently updated information on basic self-defense techniques and how to avoid predators.


You know the kind of world we live in, you see it every day. And while much (if not all) of the information will be familiar to you, giving your loved ones the resources to learn some fundamental ways to protect themselves and providing them with a method to instantly alert you if they are in trouble will only add to your family’s safety.

For every Android device your family owns, download Survival Pack today!