Strikes: How to Use Your Palm Heel/ Fist

How to use your palm heel/ fist:


Jabs are fast, not as powerful as other strikes, and can be used to attack the eyes, throat, face, and solar plexus…

Straight or Cross:

The straight punch is more powerful, and takes a bit longer to throw. Targets are the same…


The front hook is sneaky and powerful, and the rear hook is one of the most powerful punches to have in your arsenal. Targets are the jaw near the chin, the skull behind the ear, the throat/ neck, and body targets such as the kidneys, liver, floating ribs or solar plexus…


Uppercuts are sneaky, fast, and powerful. Targets are the solar plexus, liver, and chin…


Elbow strikes are used close in and are very fast and powerful. Targets are the face, chin, throat, and the body…


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