Kicks and Knees


Kicks are very powerful weapons and are hard to stop if you kick low. Kicks are long range tools, while knees are utilized in close…

Front Kick:

Front kicks are fast and medium powered. Targets are the groin, and possibly the head if your attacker is bent over following one of your other strikes that hit its target…

Nice use of front kick to help someone…

Side/ Stomp kick:

This is the strongest kick. The “stomp” kick can be a side kick, a front stomp to keep someone away from you, a rear or “mule” kick, or a stomp down to injure an attacker’s feet or ankles. Targets are the knees, mid-section, feet, or the body and head if the attacker is down and you need to finish them. (For example, there is more than one attacker, or you fear that they will get up and pursue you)…



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