Survival Pack Instructions and Features

Survival Pack

Never walk alone…Survival Pack has the tools to help keep you safe!

This app tells you what to look out for, advises you on the best self-defense systems to study, and allows you to call for help with the push of a button. Hopefully you will never need to go “Code Red,” but if you do this app will send a message and your location to up to four different people every 60 seconds.

The people you’ve selected to help you can call the authorities, track you, and come to the rescue!

For those who live in cities that have 911 text available, entering “911” in your reinforcement’s list will immediately notify emergency personnel.

Who should use this app:

Everyone! Especially…

… college students, children, those who work alone… It’s designed to promote safety through defensive awareness.


  • Section that explains how to avoid being a victim of violence.
  • User can enter up to four contact numbers to send “Code Red” alerts, and remove numbers from that list.
  • Video explaining why you should learn to defend yourself and your household with recommendations on the best systems to learn.
  • “Code Red.” A screen with only one button that locks the phone on—when walking to your car, etc., activate this screen. If necessary, push the red button, which will summon help by sending a message and providing your location.
  • Survive feature—access to content and video library containing information about simple, effective, self-defense.



Survival Pack is designed to enhance your ability to survive and develop self-defense awareness to help keep you safe.


Survival Pack Instructions: How to use Survival Pack so you can comfortably arm the “Code Red” anytime.

Survival Pack can be used as a tool to aid your self-defense. When your personal contact numbers are stored in the app and your device location is activated, you can send a “Code Red” alert with your phone’s location to four friends or family members—and in some areas—directly to 911.*

To Enter Contact Numbers (Reinforcements)

  • Touch “Reinforcements” on the home page. (These will be your dedicated contacts who can call the police or come to your rescue)
  • Touch the text box at the top of the screen to insert a number (you can add up to four contact numbers)
  • Enter the number including the area code exactly like this: 777-777-7777
  • Touch the “Enter” button to store the number on your list
  • Touch “View List” to check that the number was stored correctly (Note: the number will not display until you push “View List”)


  • If you haven’t entered any numbers, “Code Red” will not be sent.
  • If the numbers are entered incorrectly, “Code Red” won’t work and you’ll get an error message.
  • If the location is disabled for your device, the “Code Red” text will not include your device’s location.

To Use the “Code Red” Feature:

  • Touch “Code Red” on the home screen (you’ll immediately see the red button screen). At this point, Survival Pack is armed! Once you’ve reached your destination safely, simply hit the back button on your phone to disarm the “Code Red.”

Now, we hope that you never have to use it, but….

  • If necessary, Tap the Big Red Button once and release it. A false warning screen will appear. (This screen is designed to hide the fact that you have alerted help)

At this point, you can hit the home button on your device, but the messages will still be sent every 60 seconds until you stop the “Code Red.”

To Stop the “Code Red” Texts:

If the warning screen is still displayed:

  1. Simply touch and hold the words “Wrong Password” for two seconds. The Red Button will reappear.
  2. Now touch and hold the Red Button for two seconds to stop the “Code Red.”

If you have the regular home screen on your device displayed:

  1. Open the Survival Pack app.
  2. The false warning screen will appear.
  3. Touch and hold the words “Wrong Password” for two seconds (as explained above)
  4. Touch and hold the Red Button for two seconds. Survival Pack will stop sending texts.

Note: If you have the vibrate feature enabled on your device, when you perform the long pushes to stop the texts, you’ll feel the device vibrate.


*Note—this feature will only operate in areas which have 911 text available.

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