Packapps7 introduces Free Bookpack, a fast easy way for finding the lowest priced textbooks online.


Available at Google Play

Available at Google Play

College students, and anyone can use this app to quickly search Amazon and to find the absolute lowest priced for their required course materials. The app allows you to search by the title of the book, or you can instantly scan the barcode on any book and choose from the lowest-pried selection of copies. You can also search by the ISBN. Nothing could be easier!

Simply type, scan, or speak your request into Bookpack, and hit the Enter button. You’ll get an immediate list of the lowest priced copies on Amazon. In addition, if you’d like to make an online purchase of the book, push the “go to A” or “go to B” button. The “A” button links you directly to the purchase page on Amazon so that you can make your purchase, and the “B” button links you to For either site, you can buy the book using their regular process.

Save hundreds of dollars every semester with Free Bookpack by packapps7.

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